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Our church has recently started using SongPro, and our limited number of new users are not technically experienced. I would just like to express our thanks to the Team at SongPro for their excellent after-sales service and advice. Unexpected in today's world and very refreshing to receive quick and simple working instructions.

The Salvation Army, Northampton East Corps

we use SongPro every week for church services. SongPro is very useful and easy to use.

Sidedoor Youth & Community Church, Grimsby

Program has features not yet used by us here at church, but I think it is all good apart from the lack of CCLI report integration

Robert Griffiths, Welwyn Garden City

Great program

Ian Fairley, Ballymoney

I would love it if you made it possible for me to download our song register tp ccl

Catherine naunton, Tollesbury maldon

Brilliant Program and brilliant friendly and supportive staff and can not thank you enough Matt and the songpro team for the deal you gave me to help our college christian union has made serving god at college so much easier and am able to use media clips too to help now with reflection time in worship etc.

Paul Addison, Bicester

very happy with songpro

bill young, ashton

Program good, but tricky to master without enough information on using first time.

Ross Dean, Spalding

just started to use song pro as the new leader in the learning mode at moment thank you

stuart cuthbert, chesterfield

Its easy to use and handles all that you usually need on a Sunday.

Steve, Oswestry

Song Pro is always reliable

Ade Dosumu, London

Have been using Songpro for around 4 years - great product

Rob Sproule, Oxford

excellent can always find right answers and help when needed. Keep up the wonderful work God Bless you all

Rick Cornforth, Grantham

songpro is great, Dont like how the shopping cart on the website works

Not given, Not given

Best product I know

Roy Ross, Frome

SongPro is the easiest and the best. You can change the size, colour and position of the text instantly. It is the only worship software to my knowledge that you can preset to start with say a chorus or first verse and it is the only worship software that can I teach any non technical volunteer over the phone

Bill Upchurch, London

Reliable and logical software. A number of users of differnet skill levels on PC, all successfully master SongPro in a short period of time.

Name: Not given, Town/City: Not given

Songpro is a magnificent aid to worship

Lindsey Toy, Bath

Was going to give four stars, then decided that even if there are hiccups from time to time, you fix them, so you get all five stars for looking after your customers so well!!

Karen Macdonald, Glasgow

I am very pleased with SongPro and have recommended it to many others. It is very flexible and allows you to be creative!

Richard Clark, Torbay

Songpro is great. It has made such a difference to our worship services, enabling everyone to participate.

Name: Not given, Town/City: Not given

One of the most professional but simple projection programs i have evr used!

Aaron, Town/City: Not given

SongPro does what we want it works well for us

Ian Gilmartin, Wirral

We are used to working with this software and now day to day running is second nature.Sometimes it seems a b it long winded, but with few IT confident people in church, simple is better :-)

Elizabeth, Uxbridge

Excellent product with excellent support. Says what it does on the package and much more.

Fr. Keith Stoakes, London

Church Services more interesting with the help of SongPro

United Reformed Church, Tunbridge Wells Kent

Integrating video not as good as remainder

David Richards, Town/City: Not given


Paul, Sheffield

En excellent tool that ehances Service

Rev. Tony Poku, London

A few glitches from time to time but one of the best

Neil Jump, Liverpool

Good programme and great updates

Pilar C.C.C, Spain

I've been using SongPro for over two years, it is by far the best projection software out there. It is very easy to use but does offer more advanced features, the only slight problem is there is not a mac version.

Zach Williams, Weymouth

We have recommended it to many others!

Name: Not given, Town/City: Not given

Very good looking fwd to updates

Ads, Adam Drysdale

We have been using SongPro since April 06 and I have to say that it is a delight to use! Our young people have jumped straight on it and become experts in a very short time . . .

Cliff Ruddell, Coventry

We used SongPro for the first time in our family service and it was wonderful. Everyone was so impressed and happy about it. Specially ME, it was so easy to use and it looked so good. I thought you would like to know this. I was a bit nervous as I was also doing the talk for the first time that day, but went well. Also thanks to you at Creation Software for the advice I needed when I was learning.

Jan Eaton, Stockton

We, at the Harvest Church, Alton have been using V4 now since its first availability and now that it is stable is very good. I recently looked at another song projection product and found that it was far too complex for use in our church environment. Even their sales person said it would take a couple of weeks to be operational. SongPro is basically such an easy product to use - it can be really functional in 10 minutes. The usability and functionality is vastly improved over V3.

Dennis Milns, Alton

SongPro is a great improvement - the NIV Bible is a super touch, but the Powerpoint link has to be the best new feature.

Ron Day, Cambridge

We've been using SongPro for about 2 1/2 years. We acquired V4 more or less on day of launch. We played with it for a little while before using it in 'production' so to speak. It is a much better product now than it was and I have no anxiety about using any of the features. We use images and video clips as well as imbedded PowerPoint, multicoloured/multi font songs and liturgy etc etc. All the things we asked for…

Roger Clark, Reading

The software is first rate – very easy to learn and very easy to use. This is important for our church as most of the users could not be described as experts. We run SongPro on a dual monitor system with Windows XP. 

Mark Bolton, Lymm, Cheshire.

We got SongPro through on Saturday, and using it on Sunday night. Fantastic product really easy to use. Everything we need and more. Especially liked the dual monitor feature.  Thanks Again,

Mark Ross

As someone who has extensively used a variety of packages to view and show images and words, I have found 'SongPro' to be the best and easiest to use. It makes pre-programming and live editing of songs easy, effective and quick. It is without doubt the most versatile word projection package on the market, needing none or little technical knowledge to actually use it. For anyone who wishes to bring the face of worship into the 21st century and use the video medium, this package is a must.

Iain Bruce, Director, Rugby Youth For Christ

Thanks for the SongPro,  we're all really enjoying it.  Funnily enough, it's the older people in our fellowship who seem to appreciate it most.  They find the words so clear and easy to read.  Some have said that it's the first time they've been able to read the words of songs for years, as song books and ohps simply aren't large or clear enough.

Dave Johnson

As a worship leader, I feel that this brilliant software greatly assists the planning of organised worship, and at the same time enhances spontaneity.

Dave Newman, Grapevine Christian Fellowship, Rugby.

I found this program very straight forward, simple, intuitive and flexible to use. Certainly meeting my requirements for word projection software.

Rev. Martin Saxby, St. Matthew's Church, Rugby.

We've looked at several song management applications and, in our view, SongPro is the best. We have found it intuitive to use, easy to import new songs into and simple to control. Competitive pricing and UK based makes SongPro the software Vivid AV recommends first and we include it in our special package for churches.

Dave Marchant, Bedfordshire

We have found the software extremely 'easy' to use, both in preparation for services and during services. The single key stoke operation makes life so easy in moving from verse to verse and song to song. As well as jumping about between songs in the order. I use the software with the musicians to choose the appropriate themes, 'key' and tempo and the search facility is invaluable. Being able to search by song content, author, category and key has cut my preparation work load for music in half. We have recently had two Baptismal services, the image backdrops for the songs have undoubtedly added to our services. For one person whose step of baptism was monumental, the image of God's promise in the 'Rainbow' was extremely important, we were able to use a picture of a rainbow behind the song she choose to be played as she came up out of the waters of baptism, this really meant a great deal to her. I would be pleased to speak to anyone who was thinking of buying the system. I have found it very good. I am quite computer literate, but we had a new person helping on Sunday and within ten minutes was using the system without any problems.

Keith Beesley, Griffithstown Baptist Church





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