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tick  More than 3000 songs
tick  Add your own songs
tick  Import your own songs
tick  Over 300 background images supplied in 4:3 or 16:9 format
tick  Categorised background picture collections.
tick  Add your own images.
New  Multiple images. Different image per verse
New  Much improved photo album slide show.
New  Improved advanced search options.  Find any text within a Song/Bible/Liturgy.
New  Incremental backup. backs up everything.
Database, Plans, Pictures, Video files, PowerPoint files, Web pages, Audio files, Alerts, Admin option settings and projector settings.
New  Optional Cloud syncing and backup.
New  18 looped video backgrounds.
tick  Add your own video backgrounds.
tick  Change font colours live.
New  Play video clips on their own or as a background. Improved!
New  Play audio files as a background. Improved!
New  Visualization background option for audio.
New  Play YouTube videos.
New  Display Web pages live.
New  Display offline Web pages and documents.
tick  Live camera with text over (Requires capture card or Firewire).
New  Up to 22 Bible versions available. (NKJV & NIV 2011 NRSV anglicised now available)
tick  Integrate with PowerPoint (optional)*.
tick  Display liturgy.
New  Built-in spell check.
New  Change background mode live. Camera/Image/Video/Colour/Audio/Multiple images
tick  Switch Bible translations live.
tick  Multiple text colours for leader and response parts.
New Left, Centre and Right justify text.
tick  Single screen display.
tick  Extended monitor display.
tick  Re-sizable user interface.
tick  Compatible with wide screen computers and projectors.
tick  Automatic paging of notices.
tick  Fade in and out effects for text and images.
New  Text fade, per verse or per item.
tick  Countdown feature on screen with auto start facility.
New Automatic recording of songs for CCLI. Now recorded on a separate database to prevent overwriting during backup retrieval.
New CCLI Reporting tool, links you to the song or searches for it.
tick  Reminder for when your CCLI is about to expire if required, (optional).
New  Easy to use for computer novices. Much more intuitive.
tick  Favourites facility for your frequently used Songs and Liturgy.
tick  Drag and drop to easily and quickly change the order of service.
tick  Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7
tick  Multiple message alerts (Pop-up message for nursery calls etc with pre-defined selections).
tick  Timed message alert (appears at pre-defined time) .
tick  Time-sequenced notices.
tick  User-defined control of projector functions (e.g. Freeze, Blank, Power etc,) direct from your PC keyboard. (Requires projector with RS232 (serial) control)
tick  Filtering options by Category, Author or Key.
tick  Facility for adding music reference, key, categories and comments.
tick  Position and size text region.
tick  Instant phrase display from Song/Liturgy (for extended desktop only).
tick  Print-out facility, print out all your song words in the plan, print out all of your song titles.  Print out Bible verses.
tick  Import and export songs.
tick  Choose font style, size, colour, background for each individual song.
New  Full improved Bible text search and instant display
tick  Display a single Bible verse or a range of verses.
tick  Create multiple service plans for repeat use.
tick  Merge service plans.
New  Merge databases.
tick  User defined file creation.
tick  Import and export songs.
New  Improved Bible Word/Phrase counts.
tick  Press F1 using a specific facility at any time to get relevant help.
New  Built-in flash tutorials. Under the 'Help' menu.
tick  Optional notes field for the operator.
tick  Verse order sequence control.
tick  Instant display Bible verse HotKey for non planned readings. Press '\' (Backslash) then enter Book,Chaper, Verse.
tick  Shadowed or Outlined text (Gives even better clarity with pictures and video backgrounds).
tick  English Bibles supplied: ESV(anglicised), KJV, NASB, Darby, Youngs, Webster.
New  Optional Add-on modules for: GNT(anglicised), NLT, NRSV, The Message, NIV 2011 anglicised, NKJV, NRSV anglicised.
tick  Other language Bibles supplied: Portuguese, German Schlachter, Spanish RV, Italian Riveduta, French LSG, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch SVV, Albanian, Afrikaans.
tick  Large text area for adding Liturgy.
tick  Instant phrase display by clicking on the text.
tick  Complete formatted service plan (for print-outs).
tick  Read-only Service Plan (as a template, if required).
tick  Comprehensive display controls.
tick  Optional touch screen buttons.
tick  User group for shared resources, tips and tricks.
tick  Integrated output monitor.
tick  Auto-setup facility for "Projector Function Control" for a number of projectors.
tick  Preview of slides for PowerPoint*.
tick  Optional PowerPoint loop facility*.
tick  Start PowerPoint presentation from any slide*.
tick  PowerPoint Slide range selection*.
tick  Digital clock display.
tick  Compatible with wireless presenters.
tick  Instantly display any verse by pressing one key
New  Clearer and simple commands for ease of use.
tick  Ongoing free updates.
tick  Free email support.
New  Tutorials for getting started.
New  Much more... too much to list!
*Requires PowerPoint Office 365 or PowerPoint 2019 installed to use the PowerPoint features, PowerPoint is not required to run SongPro.


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