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System specifications for installing and running SongPro  
  Minimum Advanced
Hardware 64 bit 64 bit
Processor 2.5GHz Intel® Core™
i5 or i7
2.8Ghz Intel® Core™
i5 or i7
Disk Space 5GB >5GB
Graphics RAM 1GB 4GB
Operating Systems and Media Supported
  Video Files Audio Files
Windows 10 Home Yes Yes
Windows 10 Pro Yes Yes
Not Windows 10 Enterprise
Required Windows Media Player 12
Required Internet Explorer 11
The following are optional:
If you want to integrate with PowerPoint
Requires either: PowerPoint Office 365 PowerPoint 2019 PowerPoint 2016
Some earlier versions may work. Note: PowerPoint is not required to run SongPro only to use PowerPoint features within the program. A PowerPoint Viewer is not compatible.
If you wish to use a camera background
  PC Laptop  
Requires: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 30 GPU With Laptops we can't guarantee a method (currently looking into this) Some users find this works. Dazzle DVD Recorder HD (for analogue cameras)
  click here to order one.
You can use Firewire although this is known to cause a delay.  
If you wish to use extended desktop
  PC Laptop  
Requires: Additional graphics/Video card
Dual head graphics/Video card
Extended desktop capability (depending on the chipset/firmware, check with the manufacturer)  


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