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For those of you who have an iOS or Android device this is the perfect Application. If you would like to wirelessly navigate through song verses, items in the plan and control PowerPoint etc with your device from anywhere within your Wi-Fi zone, then please read on...

25/09/18 Update:
This App is currently not available we are looking into an alternative.

The Application is called JumiOne available from the Apple App Store or Google play, it allows you to control your PC remotely via a Wi-Fi connection. You can also use it as a remote keyboard or remote mouse for your computer. JumiRemotes have made controls customizable so we decided to develop some SongPro configured screens and have them available to download for  FREE  to import into your application, or of course you could make your own.

1) An iOS device with iOS6 or above or an Android device with Android 2.2 or above.
2) A Wi-Fi connection.
3) A Windows PC with SongPro.

Click here for setup information.

Basic Remote

Advanced Remote

iPad/Android tablet remote


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