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22/09/17 Update:
This is currently only available on Google Play for Android devices.

1) Download JumiController onto your PC from here. (6.3MB) FREE
2) Download our SongPro controls to your PC for free from here:
V5basic.zip (198KB basic control for smart phones)
V5advanced.zip (334KB advanced control for smart phones)
V5iPad.zip (1.04MB advanced control for iPad/tablets)
Place these files under: (do not extract/unzip)
XP C:\Documents and settings\[username]\my documents\JumiController\JumiTAP
3) Download JumiOne onto your device from your App Store or JumiRemotes from Google Play. Currently FREE*
Set up:
1) Set up JumiController by running it on your PC and choosing a password.
2) Run the Application on your device, select PC name, enter password to match PC password, select JumiRemotes.

* This was the price on 22/09/2017 (the date this page was updated)

Basic control

Advanced control

iPad/Tablet control


With regret we cannot provide support for this Application. For support please visit http://www.jumitech.com/hesk/ however if you feel we have not explained how to set this up very well or need any help setting up, you may get in touch with us.


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